Top 10 Electronic Bands in the History of the Genre

As a way to wrap up the year in Electronic music that was 2013, Atom-Heart would like to present our top 10 list of Electronic music artists of all time. Yes… ALL time. A little ambitious, you say? Nonsense!

Electronic music has recently become a pretty big deal not only in America, but all over the world. Due to the Internet and widespread proliferation and new genres, a great acceptance has come about for this relatively recent genre. While the genre does cover a great deal of different-sounding music, it is distinct from other genres. Here is a review of the top 10 greatest electronic music artists of all time, both from the past, when the genre was in the fray, and the present, when business is booming.

Artist 1: Skrillex

Skrillex is undoubtedly one of the most famous modern electronic artists. He has been in the popular jargon for a few years. Known for his eccentric sorts of electronic music and regular featuring of indie talent as the vocals, it’s no wonder that his music is now popular on the radio and the Internet.

Artist 2: Daft Punk

daft-punkjAround for awhile, Daft Punk is hardly new to the genre or the music scene. With their recent release of “Get Lucky,” they came back into pop culture. They, unlike many other electronic and dubstep artists, have their own vocalists, and many of their songs feature meaningful vocals, though their popular songs typically feature full-time “borrowed” vocalists. You can expect to be hearing more from the talented group soon.

Artist 3: Avicii

aviciiPossibly best-known for his hit single, “Levels,” Avicii is also a very popular electronic artist. Relying less on stage presence than icons like Skrillex, this artist’s fame originally came from online sources. Nevertheless, he currently is topping charts in many different countries.

Artist 4: Glitch Mob

glitch-mobAlso seen as a pop electronic legend, this group is featured in many singles by other electronic artists. Famous mostly for their remixes than their original works, they have an odd, hard to match style, perhaps making them as successful as they are.

Artist 5: Deadmau5

deadmau5With a name like that, many newcomers to the genre do not know how to pronounce the band’s name. It is intended to sound like “dead mouse” (hence their logo contains a large mouse head). Deadmau5 is seen as giving life to a dying electronic scene, and so many hardcore fans have a special place in their heart for this group.

We interrupt our top 10 countdown list with this compilation video of the best electronic dance music in 2013:

Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming…

Artist 6: Knife Party

knife-partyFunctioning as a bridge between the distinct genres of dubstep and electronic, Knife Party is a fairly known (not as known as Skrillex) group in the genres. They specialize in new types of beats and often serve as inspiration for popular artists in those genres.

Artist 7: Aphex Twin

aphex-twinMany fans of electronic music complain that Aphex Twin is a victim of pop culture. Their music generally has the same beats as many formulaic pop songs have that are regularly played on Top 40 radio stations. Nevertheless, they are a prominent player in the genre’s scene and should be noted.

Artist 8: Nero

PrintNero is known more in the dubstep scene than the electronic one, but the band can be seen as a crossover between the two. Also specializing in remixes, like much artists of the genre do, they are famous for their original and ingenious beats. These are typically inserted into already popular songs to create remixes that not-so-rarely may become more famous than the song itself.

Artist 9: Owl City

owl-cityOwl City is one of the few dubstep or electronic bands in existence that has made the charts multiple times, other than Skrillex. They also are known for their unique vocals, something that is often absent or nearly absent in many songs of the electronic genre. They were more popular around 2010 than they are now, but they still are producing music that the scene consumes.


awolnationThis oddly named band has equally odd sounding music. They are very famous for their single, “Sail,” which has been used in many movie and TV show soundtracks. It, like most of their other songs, does have deep meaning, which may be seen as a contrast to other electronic artists.

Keep in mind that this is not by any means an exhaustive list. Electronica constantly has newcomers to the scene due to the recent proliferation of technology. There are hundreds of well-known electronic artists. For more information, you may take a look at their profiles on sites like, or even join an electronic forum where you’ll hear about new singles and artists.

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Tree Trimming: AH Discusses Its Importance With Show Me Tree Service

Tree_trimming2In Jacksonville, Florida hurricanes are not uncommon although the last major one to hit the city was Dora back in 1964. With this in mind, the city is considered overdue for a serious hurricane according to David Mixner. So much so that Mixner has compiled a list of the top cities in Florida that are overdue with Jacksonville at the Number Three position and he reasons that the city’s low elevation will encourage flooding which will cause a lot of damage to everything including trees.


Why Tree Trimming Is Important

In the case of a full-blown, high-intensity storm a couple notches below hurricane status, trees and other vegetation stand a better chance of survival. Survival in this case translates to less damage, when they are properly maintained. This means trimming of those awkward looking branches and proper pruning to encourage the right kind of growth.

The City of Jacksonville Has Guidelines

The public works department in Jacksonville takes tree trimming seriously and outlines what they will haul away from your curbside in their Solid Waste Service Standards. They include a very concise set of guidelines under the heading of Yard Waste that clearly state:

  • Grass clippings, leaves, shrub trimmings, palm fronds and tree limbs are considered yard waste
  • Limbs that have been removed from trees must be no longer than five feet
  • These same tree limbs must be 6-inches or less in diameter
  • Additionally the tree limbs must weigh no more than forty pounds
  • And finally, tree limbs are to be stacked in piles parallel to the curb to be hauled away

The Extra Point

The final part of the solid waste guidelines points out that when using a tree removal or trimming service, that business is responsible for hauling away whatever yard waste they produce. Clearly the City of Jacksonville encourages homeowners to keep their trees trimmed and tidy and will accept the cuttings, within parameters, on garbage pick-up day. This move promotes more than just neighborly pride, it also keeps the city’s green spaces and yards neat and tidy. And for that we can always use a company that does Jacksonville tree trimming.

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Menchhofer Tree Care Meets AH to Discuss Arboriculture

It is no surprise that we are fond of Menchhofer Tree Care here. They are our top tree service in Indianapolis and easily one of the best tree care companies in the business. We have many reasons to be fond of them, including their excellent stump grinding offers.

But some people might be confused to why that is such a good thing. Well let me tell you that any decent tree service needs a stump grinding service too. But first the basics must be explained.

What is Stump Grinding?

Well, by the title you can probably already tell that this means grinding a stump. But that obviously doesn’t really answer the question. A stump grinder is a large machine that grinds a stump down. It is used after you cut down a tree.

When you cut down a tree, the tree doesn’t just magically disappear. Someone might take away most of the tree but you will be left with a stump. If you want to get rid of this stump, you could always use a digger to dig it up. However the best way is to use a stump grinder.

tree stumps

A stump grinder grinds away not only the stump but the roots beneath too until their is nothing left. It uses the heavy metal teeth on the machine to do this. The stump is then turned into either wood chippings or mulch which can be used for a variety of things.

Why Do We Need Stump Grinding?

Well there are lots of reasons why you need this. One reason is that stumps are extremely ugly looking. No one actually wants a massive stump stuck in their garden. If you are going for the fairy garden look, most stumps tend to actually make this objective fail as they are not positioned quite right.

Most stumps will just make your garden look terrible. Stumps also make mowing the lawn incredibly difficult. Most lawnmowers can’t mow right up to the edge of a stump and you will have to use a small clippers which is time consuming. Also, if the stump was of a diseased tree then the stump is likely diseased too. This means it can spread the disease through the soil with its roots and infect other trees causing them to die too. This is why it is very important that you get rid of stumps.

Menchhofer Stump Grinding

That all being said, why would you choose to grind your stumps? Well there are many reasons. One, if they are the ones who cut down your tree in the first place, no one would be easier or more qualified for the job.

Two, it is far better to hire them than to do it yourself. If you got a stump grinder yourself it is unlikely you would be able to use it properly. It would save yourself a lot of hassle and money to go to a professional. Menchhofer are full of professional arborists that are more than qualified to handle your stump.

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What is There for AH to Learn About Rhinoplasty in Los Angeles?

Rhinoplasty surgery is one of the most common elective surgeries in The United States, and Los Angeles is no exception. Los Angeles residents choose to undergo rhinoplasty surgery for both cosmetic and medical reasons. Some people want to improve the size or shape of their noses for a more natural and beautiful facial structure, and others want to change the shape of their noses to improve breathing or fix snoring issues. No matter the motive, there are a few things to keep in mind when looking for the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Los Angeles.

What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, also known as nasal or nose surgery, is the process of altering the shape, structure or size of the human nose and nasal system through plastic surgery for improved appearance or function. It typically takes between two and three hours to perform, depending on how complicated the needs of the surgery are.  There  are two types of rhinoplasty surgery used in Los Angeles: “closed” and “open.” Closed rhinoplasty is when the surgery is performed from within the nose and the incisions are concealed. Open rhinoplasty is used in more complicated cases, or when the focus of the surgery is on the outside of the nose.

Rhinoplasty Surgery Process

First, the surgeon applies a general anesthesia and the patient goes to sleep. Then, the surgeon applies incisions to separate the nose skin from the bone and cartilage system underneath. The surgeon then alters the shape of the underlying system to align with the patients desired results, depending on the situation. Once the system is properly sculpted, the surgeon reattaches the skin to the nasal system and applies stitches and a splint to allow for healing.

Rhinoplasty_surgeonHealing After Rhinoplasty Surgery

Healing after rhinoplasty surgery can take from five up to seven days. After the surgery, there will typically be bruising and swelling, and potentially some headaches. You can control these symptoms with cold compresses and an appropriate medication. It’s important to avoid any unnecessary pressure or movement of the nose, as this can prolong the healing period. Your surgeon should provide you with thorough instructions for proper care after rhinoplasty surgery, and it’s important that you follow them carefully.

Risks of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty surgery does have considerable risks including complications during the healing process, infections, anesthesia reactions, and incomplete or unexpected results.  It’s important to review these risks with your surgeon in detail and discuss how to minimize these risks.

Finding a Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Los Angeles

Rhinoplasty surgery is a big effort, so it’s important to find a rhinoplasty surgeon that fits your needs. Find a surgeon who is highly specialized and experienced in rhinoplasty, who has the necessary certifications, and who has great reviews and references. Also, during your initial consultation, make sure you get along well with your surgeon, and that he or she answers all of your questions thoroughly. Many rhinoplasty patients schedule up to three or four consultations before scheduling the actual procedure. Your safety is top priority!


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Atom Heart’s Tips for Hiring an Arborist

arborist-hiring-lakelandThere are amazing arborists that one can find in Lakeland, Florida. One is guaranteed that the work will be done properly as they are professionals with quality training. The arborists are also respectful and friendly. Here is how to hire an arborist in Lakeland, FL.

When hiring an arborist in Lakeland, it is crucial to consider the quality of customer service. A good arborist will offer the best care to your trees. This is usually accomplished through charging reasonably and fast response to the needs of a client. The right arborist will even show up at night in case of an emergency.

A good enterprise offering tree service in Lakeland will use the proper equipment and tools. They should be in possession of ladders of varying sizes and shapes as well as bucket trucks. It is also essential for arborists to have chippers to make it easier to haul parts of the tree. In order to achieve optimal trimming of trees, arborists should have shears and pruners.

It is also important for an individual to define their expectations of the work. Selection of the right arborist will be determined by the above. The needs of the consumers could be categorized into caring for trees, pruning, grunt and hazardous work.

Do not pay attention to individuals that will knock at your door asking to work on your trees. This is usually a common occurrence when you have an emergency. Such individuals are not professionals and their aim is making extra cash. Professional are incapable of approaching clients in the above manner.

What to Watch Out For With Tree Services

Do not accept any special charges offered to you only after making a rush decision. This could be an arborist that passes by and decides to make an offer. In such cases, it is crucial to ask for necessary documentation. A neighbor or friend that uses the same arborist should not prompt you to do the same.

Do not allow any person in Lakeland to offer you tree services. This is because it could cause damage to your trees. Therefore, use the above tips to acquire the best arborist in Lakeland.

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Tree Trimming & Atom-Heart Info Session

tree-trimmingTree trimming is very important in Savannah Georgia. It is a practice that has yielded many benefits over the years. Trimming is also known as pruning or cutting; and it involves cutting away of tree parts.

Trimming unlike removal does not end the life of a tree; in any case, it improves the well being of the tree. The following is a look at the top reasons why tree trimming in Savannah is fundamental when it comes to arboriculture.

Why Tree Trimming

The first main reason why tree trimming is done in Savannah is personal safety. Hanging branches on streets and along utility lines can pose a great risk to people. In this regard, trimming down trees will eliminate the hazard.

atom-heart-tree-trimmingBranches that have not been trimmed can fall at any time and when you add the weather elements, this can cause grave harm to the society. The other good reason why tree trimming is critical is to uphold the health of the tree. Trimming can spark new growth and facilitate the healing of wounds. It is safe to call trimming therapeutic for trees.

To ensure self healing, trimming removes the dead branches as well as those that are diseased and infested with insects.For fruit trees, more production can be expected in this regard.

The other reason why trimming and tree removal in the Savannah, GA area is necessary is to improve the appearance of the trees. This can work wonders into your landscape. Unkempt trees are unsightly and even a little trimming job can go a long way to make your trees look attractive.


In Savannah, there are many arborists who can undertake tree trimming in a professional manner; engaging them is the best way to go. Trimming in a professional manner is likely to make a better difference for your trees. This is an insight in this regard.

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Atom Heart’s Favorite St. Petersburg Tree Service

There is no question that trees add beauty, ambiance and life to any environment. Having said this, poor management and maintenance of trees can have the opposite effect. In this regard, whether in your home or at the office, taking good care of trees will ensure that you get all the right benefits.

Apart from pruning and trimming trees, tree removal is many times necessary. Tree removal is essential when there is a tree disease or when a tree has declined and is no longer viable for its purpose. It is only a trained professional who should decide to remove a tree and in St Petersburg, Florida, this service is critical.

Importance of Tree Removal

atom-heart-st-peteFirst, apart from helping keep at bay potential disease problems in an area, Atom Heart has learned that tree removal can work well to redefine a landscape. It is also necessary when it comes to deleting any past mistakes that might have been made with tree design while planting.

Tree removal when done professionally does not pose a risk to the environment. In this regard, for safety it is pivotal to talk to a professional who has specialized equipment for the job. When removal is not done by experts, damage and even loss of life can occur.

When hiring a tree removal service in this area, consider their expertise and experience. Go through their details and see what they have to offer you. They must also be certified by authorities to offer their service in your area. At the end of the day, you will be glad to have worked with people who deliver good results as desired.

Trees that do not belong should be removed easily without hassle this way. All the above goes to show why tree removal is important by a tree service in St Petersburg, FL. However, take precaution when removing trees and consider whether all legalities are in place; an expert should guide you in this regard.

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Atom Heart Speaks With a Richmond, VA Tummy Tuck Surgeon

richmond-tummy-tuckTummy Tuck, also known as Abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure that removes excess fatty tissues and extra skin from the front part of the abdominal wall. In addition, abdominoplasty tightens the layers of the muscles of the abdominal wall. This procedure also benefits the overall shape of your body and improves the function and appearance of the trunk.

Atom Heart sat down and talked with a Richmond tummy tuck surgeon, and he answered a few of our questions on the surgery.

Types of Abdominoplasty

Every patient is approached individually for tummy tuck procedure depending on their body. You are a good candidate for procedure if you have a stable weight and if you are a non-smoker. There are two types of Abdominoplasty:

  • Full Abdominoplasty: This is the traditional method of Abdominoplasty which takes approximately two to three hours depending on the level of the procedure. After this procedure, the patients are asked to stay mostly overnight in the hospital.
  • Mini Abdominoplasty: This procedure takes around one to two hours. After this procedure the patient can go home the same day.

After Abdominoplasty


During the recovery period, most of the patients are expected to wear a binder or a fitted compression garment that covers your lower torso. “Pain Pumps” are also used to help patients feel comfortable after the surgery.

Coming back to normal

Recovery is a healing process which takes time. The patients who undergo body contouring might need few weeks to feel normal after the surgery. If you are physically well fit with strong abdominal muscles, you can recover from abdominoplasty much faster. Some resume work after one week whereas some need two to three weeks to rest and recover. Exercise is the best way to heal better and faster. It is necessary to exercise in order to reduce the swelling, lower the possibility of blood clot and tone the muscles.

Abdominoplasty can dramatically improve your appearance. You can search on the internet How to Find a Tummy Tuck Surgeon in Richmond, VA and get the procedure done.

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A Mini-Revelation on Breast Augmentation from Atom-Heart

Welcome to another addition in our Atom-Heart musical blog. I’ve had some candid conversations with readers of the blog lately about plastic surgery, and one topic seems to come up quite a bit – breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation is a procedure that is done with the objective of enlarging your breasts, making them firmer and more attractive. This procedure is done by adding more tissue under the your normal breast tissue in order to increase the girth and the size of your breasts. It involves adding implants under your natural breast tissues to fill in for wasted or small tissues.

The procedure is normally and should be carried out medically trained breast surgeons and under great care. This procedure is at times referred to as a boob job for easy reference.

Breast augmentation to boost self esteem and confidence

You can opt to go for a breast surgery in order to increase the size of your breasts to become more attractive and larger. You can also consider a surgery to firm your breasts they are sagging and unattractive. This makes you feel more comfortable and confident.

To boost your feminine feel

The size of your breasts give your a feminine feel. Too small breasts make can make you feel lesser a woman and less attractive. To boost how you feel and how people especially men see you, breast augmentation could be your best option.

Breast proportionality

Some women face the problem of having a too large body and small boobs or a too small body and and too big breasts. To solve this, they have the option of a breast surgery to help their breasts have some proportionality with their bodies. According to a Madison, WI plastic surgeon, breast augmentation results can be well-assured with a trusted surgeon.

Fashion and outfits

Women like wearing latest fashion in the market. At times, though in rare cases, their desired outfit may fail to fit them due to their bust size being too small or being too large. To solve this, breast augmentation remains the only next alternative for them.

In conclusion, two implant choices are available. These implants can be either the firmer silicone implants that offer a harder and fuller feel or the saline implants that offer you variant sizes since they can be deflated according to the desired sizes. Always feel free to consult with your surgeon to get the desired implant for your individual choice.

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Top 5 Mobile Games of 2013

You’ve likely to come to expect mostly electronica music-related posts from me, but from time to time I like to talk about my other various passions. Lately I’ve developed a passion for mobile gaming and getting better at the games I play by learning from the best.

With that, lets just say I’ve played A LOT of mobile games in the past year. I could write up my own list of what my favorite games are – but some of them are a little obscure and probably wouldn’t appeal to my audience here.

So, what are the top 5 mobile games of 2013? That’s a great question. I have done an extensive amount of research for this topic and the answer is: it depends. Many phones have different apps. Some games may be more popular on the iPhone than an Android phone. Then you have the top paid, the top grossing, or the top free games. Plus you have different countries around the world that pick different games based on their areas.

Furthermore, the many websites can’t even seem to agree. It seems be an endless debate. So, to make things easier, I have decided to use my own phone’s store to see what their top games are. Now keep in mind, I have an Android phone, which carries the Google Play store.

The Top 5 Paid Games

  1. Minecraft
  2. Plants vs Zombies
  3. Bloons TD 5
  4. Super Gnes
  5. Where’s my water

The Top Grossing Games (Overall)

  1. Candy Crush Saga
  2. Pet Rescue Saga
  3. The Hobbit: Kingdoms
  4. Slotomania
  5. Jackpot Party Casino

The Top Free Games

  1. Candy Crush Saga
  2. Traffic Racer
  3. Subway Surfers
  4. Pet Rescue Saga
  5. Papa Pear Saga

Now let’s see what the top 5 games are, on my daughter’s friend’s iPhone, using Apple’s app store. Then I will compare the lists to make my own analysis of the top 5.

The Top Paid Games

  1. Traffic Racer
  2. Heads up
  3. Angry Birds: Starwars 2
  4. Minecraft
  5. Assassin’s Creed: Pirates

The Top Grossing Games

  1. Candy Crush Saga
  2. Clash of Clans
  3. Game of War: Fireage
  4. Pet Rescue Saga
  5. Hay day

The Top Free Games

  1. Quiz Up: The biggest trivia game in the world
  2. Dear Hunter 2014
  3. Lawless
  4. Candy Crush Saga
  5. Monstercrafter

So, it appears there are many variances to what games are viewed as the top games, through different mobile devices; however, the most repetitive games are Candy Crush Saga and Pet Rescue Saga. Candy Crush beats Pet Rescue by 1. Mincecraft and Traffic Racer tied for 3rd and 4th place; leaving the 5th place to be undecided and still up for debate.

Dear Atom-Heart readers, what is your opinion? Do you have a favorite mobile game from 2013? Let me know in the comments below.

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